The Boston Metropolitan Orchestra was founded in 1999 by Frank Vardaros, Jenisa Katz, and Kevin Kaska. It is an orchestra of 80 members with Kevin Kaska as their current music director. Its goal is very simple – different, new music. They have performed innovative concerts in Boston featuring film music, holiday, jazz, and smooth jazz. This orchestra performs music that many groups in the Boston area do not normally play. It showcases interesting concerts that have a very accessible quality for our public. Programs with film music, holiday music, jazz, smooth jazz, gospel, opera, musical theatre, and current American composers are different styles that we think will bring a very contemporary, fresh appeal to a Boston audience.

May, 2000
In may of 2000, the Boston Metropolitan Orchestra performed a concert that will appear in history books around the world – Summon the Legends. Jazz legends Maynard Ferguson and Arturo Sandoval appeared on the same stage with the BMO at the Berklee College of Music performance center. This ground breaking concert was a sellout with people traveling from Georgia to attend.

January, 2001
In January of 2001 the Boston Metropolitan Orchestra under the direction of David Callahan recorded a film score to the documentary film “Bearing Witness: American Soldiers and the Holocaust.” Composer Kevin Kaska was asked by Boston director Jonathan Barkan to compose a score to this 22 minute film about eye-witness accounts from GI's and one nurse who entered the Nazi concentration camps on or close to VE Day.